5 Ways to Help the Poor

It takes compassion and good character to help the poor. However, to care for the poor can be overwhelming and not easy. In a biblical’s point of view, helping the poor provides us a practical chance to worship the Big Provider above.

Every person has unique ways to express their concern and help the poor. The following are simple and practical examples:

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1. Recognize the needs of the poor and meet them. Your act of helping is best if it is impactful to the concerned. For example, you give them cash that could answer their expenses for a week or so than just telling them you will pray to ease their sufferings.

2. Be observant and look for more practical ways to help. It may be better to give bread or packed lunch to a homeless man on the street than giving him change.

3. There are organizations which are good in stewarding funds. You can give your donations to them. Since not all organizations are the same, look for those who are effective in alleviating the sufferings of the poor, locally and globally. The nearest organization you can go to is one from your own church or community.

4. Give your old belongings, such as old furniture, appliances or clothes. Check out your belongings and give away those which are no longer needed but can be very useful to the poor.

5. Offer the poor a job or let him or her find one. A regular job can help a poor guy sustain himself or his family every day so they do not need to rely on donations.

Poverty can come from a spiritual problem. Though we cannot totally eliminate it for ourselves and our fellowmen, we can at least minister to those who need our help and give a part of our time and resources while we are still here.