5 Ways to Help the Poor

It takes compassion and good character to help the poor. However, to care for the poor can be overwhelming and not easy. In a biblical’s point of view, helping the poor provides us a practical chance to worship the Big Provider above.

Every person has unique ways to express their concern and help the poor. The following are simple and practical examples:

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1. Recognize the needs of the poor and meet them. Your act of helping is best if it is impactful to the concerned. For example, you give them cash that could answer their expenses for a week or so than just telling them you will pray to ease their sufferings.

2. Be observant and look for more practical ways to help. It may be better to give bread or packed lunch to a homeless man on the street than giving him change.

3. There are organizations which are good in stewarding funds. You can give your donations to them. Since not all organizations are the same, look for those who are effective in alleviating the sufferings of the poor, locally and globally. The nearest organization you can go to is one from your own church or community.

4. Give your old belongings, such as old furniture, appliances or clothes. Check out your belongings and give away those which are no longer needed but can be very useful to the poor.

5. Offer the poor a job or let him or her find one. A regular job can help a poor guy sustain himself or his family every day so they do not need to rely on donations.

Poverty can come from a spiritual problem. Though we cannot totally eliminate it for ourselves and our fellowmen, we can at least minister to those who need our help and give a part of our time and resources while we are still here.


How You Can Help Your Community

Often people don’t mind much about the community. Most people would go about their lives, and would rarely get involved. However, getting involved in the community can be good as it can it much closer. It can also be a time to form bonds with neighbors. Here are some ways where one can help in the community.

  1. Get involved as a volunteer. Perhaps the best way to be involved is to be a volunteer. There are many ways that could be done. It could be mentoring people or else being a volunteer at a hospital. It could also mean being involved in charity. Whatever it is, it is good to help in some way around the community and be seen as someone who is dependable.

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  1. Local tidy ups. Going forward more with being a volunteer, joining local tidy ups would be another good way to help the community. That could mean helping neighbors with their garden, to as big as joining a group to clean up the neighborhood. It is a good way to bond with people while at the same time cleaning up the place.
  2. Raise money for a cause. One good way to bring a community together is to have a cause worth rallying around. Nothing brings a community together than causes and raising money as well as awareness for it. Charities or else something for the environment is good causes that a community can get into.
  3. Support local businesses. Community businesses need much support, and this can be another good way to bond with people. This can be done by volunteering to hand out flyers, or else help in posting on social media. Owners will appreciate the help very much, and as well make the community grow.

There are many other ways how one could help in the community. The idea is to form bonds and relationships that could help a community grow. Many people will appreciate the help, and it could make the community in time help one another in many ways.

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Community Investing Initiative

Randall Miller Holdings Community Investing Initiative

Community investment is the time, money, expertise and skills spent to develop and support communities. Community investing channels both private and public investments to low-income communities to provide credit, training, and capital the said communities lack. The channels can be loan funds, community development banks, microfinance institutions and credit unions. Community investing is associated with socially responsible investing, focusing to economically enhance communities with small loans, banking services, affordable housing initiatives and non-profit groups.

The Randall Miller Holdings community investing equips organizations and people in Pasadena with skills and tools to improve the quality of life in their communities. It is the gateway to homeownership, development of small business and creation of jobs. This investment strategy has changed millions of lives in the United States and around the world. Hence, it expects to enhance the lives of the locals and create a place where people love to work and live.

Our goals

At Randall Miller Holdings community investing, we aim to make sure that communities have the needed infrastructure and are safe places where locals can build families and raise children. We are eyeing at long-term community development and for help centers to have sustainable financial operation models.

We establish social enterprises, facilitate sharing and communication as well as recognize and celebrate participation. Being eco-friendly, we support projects and activities that promote the use of a sustainable resource for greener neighborhoods with well-maintained and attractive spaces.


One of the benefits of community investing is it can have an immediate impact on the country’s geographic region and bring about social good. When people gain access to job opportunities, homes and economic freedom, programs of the federal social welfare will be lax and there will be a surge in the gross domestic product, production and wealth.

Projects that qualify for community investments are those that would result in sector development, job creation, economic growth and investment attraction. Randall Miller Holdings community investing will encourage communities or organizations with limited resources to partner with those who have more for better economic impact.

Our beneficiaries

Investment funds usually go to investment purchases like certificates of deposit from development banks or through offerings of venture funds, development loans as well as private equity and fixed income products. Furthermore, funds can go to the following:

  •         Economic development – such as infrastructure, quality jobs, etc.
  •         Sustainable communities – for smart growth of income.
  •         Needed services – education, health, child care, affordable housing and access to food, transit, and jobs.
  •         Environment – biodiversity, water, energy and other environmentally-focused activities and projects.

As we work at the core of communities, we believe that our resources complement whatever is already present in our diverse communities. We intend to support people from various backgrounds and circumstances, hoping that they will attain the equality everyone deserves. We love to support a community with great projects and people having brilliant ideas.

Our resources

The expertise and resources of Randall Miller Holdings community investing are geared towards healthy investments and robust lending pipeline that it tries to manage and monitor well. It has the commitment to help build vibrant neighborhoods through its locally and globally relevant initiatives and programs which would strengthen communities. We prioritize any stuff that aligns with the commercial objectives that come from the shared benefits of community investing.

Our workforce

Our community investment officers have a burning desire to help communities, families, and individuals. They are committed to our goals, to change people’s lives for the better. Following are what the officers of Randall Miller Holdings community investing do:

  •         Extend technical assistance to investors and partners and to organizations around creation, operation, and financing of eligible projects
  •         Following thorough analysis, review, and risk assessment, they will come up with promising investment portfolios, and likewise, originate loans or propose loan structures that would meet the needs of the borrower, while upholding our priorities and credit policies.
  •         Build strong relationships with industry developers, partners, funders, agencies and financial institutions.
  •         Prepare, present and recommend loans to credit committees.
  •         See feedback for our financing programs and policies to improve our services and initiatives.

The community investment officers of Randall Miller Holdings community investing have that adaptive, flexible, strategic, creative and entrepreneurial skills in dealing with anything. Our workforce is equipped with strong communication, presentation, analytical, interpersonal and facilitation skills and has succeeded in building trust, quality teams, coaching and dealing with investment issues. They are mission-driven and work on our goals with less supervision, plus they are good at managing more than one assignment.

Our support

At Randall Miller Holdings community investing, we are committed to providing the best service to partners, applicants as well as funding recipients. For the investors, we want to help them have the edge to stay ahead of the pack with the most recent investment analysis and insights which hopefully equip them enough confidence to take on the market, instead of just being non-competitive or staying late when the market is already swinging and let others beat them. Their experience with us can make them become better investors.

As for extending funds, our contribution can be up to a certain percentage of the eligible costs to a specific annual amount and period. Some projects may qualify for increased funding depending on their coverage and partner communities.

We look forward that our efforts in strengthening communities in Pasadena will be achieved by ensuring that entrepreneurs who are under-resourced succeed through education and mentoring. We make sure that our operations are fair, transparent and responsible because among the keys to success are responsible stewardship and good management.  We are here to stay for long, not just for short-term gain.

Contact us

For more information, check out our Randall Miller Holdings community investing website here. We are ready to discuss with you anything about investment portfolios, eligible projects, or coverage of eligible costs.